Stylish Suggestions

So we’ve posted our first three restaurant reviews for Vegiboys, each with its own voice and style, and as we continue developing the site, we’d love to know what sort of reviews you’d like to see going forward.

Stay descriptive but restaurant-focused like the Annam Brahma review? Go with a more story-style Sacred Chow review? Keep it short and simple like our review of Boneshakers? Let us know what you’d like to be reading.

Thank you to those who’ve already given their feedback. If you don’t know how to reach us, you can always send your ideas, comments, complaints, and declarations of love through our Contact page.

And be sure to come back in the next week; we have more reviews and recipes in the works, we’ll be posting our first Meal Deconstruction, and we’ll be testing out our Vegi-Map on you all as we build towards an official launch. Exciting!

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