Vegan Veggie-Wraps

Getting creative is the name of the game when it comes to these tasty and unique vegan veggie-wraps! Add your own fillings. Make dipping sauces to match. Roll ’em out and eat ’em up.

What you’ll need:
– 1 Pack spring roll skins (rice paper type like Bahn Trang)
– Boston lettuce (or what ever greens you’d like)
– Carrots (shredded)
– Red pepper (cut thinly)
– Red onion (cut thinly)
– Plum tomatoes (seeded and cut into slices)
– Cucumber (seeded and cut into thin slices)
– Avocado (cut into thin slices; optional)
– Hummus (recipe from Vegiboys or store-bought)

Step one: Prep all the the veggies
Wash and dry the lettuce (it’s important to keep all fillings as dry as possible; extra water will cause soggy wrappers, which will keep the wraps from closing). Separate the leaves and cut to manageable sizes if needed. Do the same for all remaining veggies (washing and drying off any extra moisture).

Step two: Prep the wraps
Put a pan on the stove that has at least a 1 to 1½ inch depth to it. Fill the pan with water and turn on high to bring to a quick boil. This will not take long, as the water is shallow. Open up your package of spring roll skins and inspect the first one you’ll be using (you’ll want to check each for any imperfections like broken or torn skins; do not use these, as they will simply fall apart in the water). Lay out a clean dry cloth on the working surface. Once the water has come to a boil turn off the stove and remove the pan from heat. Working quickly, place one skin into the water and let it soak for about 10 seconds. Use a wooden spoon or tongs to flip over the skin for an additional 5 seconds. Once the wrapper is completely wet and translucent in color remove immediately and move to the toweled work area. Spread out a small amount of all your desired fillings on the wrapper, starting with the lettuce, then hummus followed by the remainder of the veggies. Don’t add too much as this will make the wrap difficult to roll.

Step three: Roll up the wraps
Roll burrito-style starting from the bottom and folding in the sides. Move the finished wrap to a plate and let it rest. With in a few seconds the gluten in the rice paper will make the sides of the wrap stick together. Continue with the remainder of the wraps. Work quickly and reheat the water if the paper is no longer becoming translucent or is not sticking properly. Be careful not to over cook your wraps, and not to boil your own hands. …use tongs.

Step four: Look good
These little guys are best eaten with in a few hours of their creation, however they can be refrigerated for about a day. Wait much longer than that and the fillings will get soggy, and what really makes these treats great is their freshness and crunch! So go forth kids and start rollin’ out the rice paper. Let us know what delicious creations you come up with.

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