Cake Making

Inspired after watching some Food Network Ace of Cakes reruns, Brian experimented with a fondant cake icing. He found that it was actually pretty easy to make, though it took a lot of muscle to roll the fondant out into a sheet, and after rolling it also needed to be worked with carefully to avoid tears.

It makes for a very pretty cake; the smooth surface and easily molded decorations are a lot of fun. Despite many opinions to the contrary, the taste wasn’t bad either; it was my first time eating it, and I’d call it a slightly sweet, marshmallow-like flavor with a gummy texture (I definitely didn’t feel the need to peel it off like a rind).

The underlying material probably made a big difference in my experience: it was a moist cake with layers of peanut butter/buttercream frosting. That said, I’d definitely like have us play around with other fondant recipes to see how variable the taste and texture can get.

Tasty beauty on the outside and inside.

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