Restaurant Review: ‘sNice

45 8th Avenue
(at West 4th Street)
Greenwich Village, Manhattan

150 Sullivan Street
(between West Houston Street and Prince Street)
SoHo, Manhattan

315 5th Avenue
(between 2nd Street and 3rd Street)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Vegiboys Rating (3.5/4)

Walking into ‘sNice in the West Village is a bit like taking a quick trip out to northern Brooklyn: the rustic, bohemian feel has all the interior design touches to make a hipster feel at home, from rough-hewn wood ceiling beams to cool tunes for their background music (a mix of ’90s and early ’00s rock while we were there).

Our immediate impressions after arriving were very much akin to our experience at Boneshakers: neo-beatnik staff (they were very friendly and helpful), menu on a chalkboard, and counter service with orders brought to the table.

We started with black cherry and gingerale Boylan sodas (their brand is always a welcome presence on a menu for us), and seated ourselves in the center of the main dining area. A handful of the room’s tables were occupied, and to allow for a bit of stereotyping, the other patrons were a solidly vegan-looking crowd (though that assumption was at least partially confirmed in that one table was composed of Farm Sanctuary volunteers conducting a media interview).

It wasn’t until the arrival of our food, that ‘sNice began to differentiate itself from Boneshakers in our minds. Boneshakers is very much a greasy spoon experience; satisfaction is derived from a want of heavy, diner-style foods. ‘sNice offers an opportunity for an equal level of satisfaction, but it must instead be derived from their light comfort-food fare.

Brian had a panini with Gorgonzola, walnuts, and apples; a sort of Waldorf in a sandwich that tasted great. I went with a sandwich of soy sausage with roasted red peppers and fontina, deliciously spiced with sage and anise. For sides, we chose a roasted broccoli that was simple and well-done, letting the vegetable speak for itself with some charring to give it great flavor. A wild rice side dish was exactly that, great tasting but without surprises.

For the dessert, we shared a carrot cake muffin. It was good (not too sweet), but not particularly surprising either.

At $16 each, the cost was comparable to a diner outing, though the nice atmosphere and solid culinary offerings make it a good choice for anyone seeking a full vegetarian meal without feeling the need for a full-service experience. With multiple locations throughout the city, the convenience of ‘sNice makes it a welcome part of the NYC veg-community, and the reasonable prices make it a great value for any urban eater.

Food (3.5/4)
Atmosphere & Service
Value (2.5/4)

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