Soufflé Night

Thanks to a crash-course in soufflé cookery from a phenomenally goofy British chef at the Time Warner Center’s Williams-Sonoma, we are now well-qualified soufflé-making fiends. The first at-home attempt proved deliciously successful enough to boost our confidences for trying it again soon.

We started off cooking up some mushrooms, leek, and thyme while melting butter. This all got mixed together with half-and-half, egg yolks, some flour, and some cheese to form the substance of the soufflé.

Meanwhile, egg whites got beaten until they stiffen without losing their gloss.

The egg whites were carefully folded into the mushroom, leek, and cheese base, then that mixture was poured into the soufflé dish.

20 minutes in an oven, and the mushroom and leek soufflé came out looking nicely puffed and colored. Despite all of the herbs and cheese we included, the taste was very subtle. Served with a side of green beans roasted with fig and garlic.

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