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At the end of last summer, we set out to eat at every vegetarian restaurant in New York City within one year. We’re about halfway through that grand marathon of urban vegi-dining, and the self-imposed challenge hasn’t defeated us yet! As we hit the crest of our adventure and embark upon a downhill ride to ultimate success, we figured we’d take a bit of time to reflect on our escapades, share some fun facts, and talk a bit about the coming months for Vegiboys.

Since August, we’ve eaten at 40 vegetarian restaurants in 4 of the city’s boroughs. The most encountered cuisines have included 4 Middle Eastern, 8 Indian, and 9 Asian restaurants. We found our most expensive meals at Quintessence and Café Blossom (both $55 each); our cheapest a mere $9.53 at Maoz Vegetarian. Our highest overall rating to date has been a 3.5, going to Quintessence, Wild Ginger, Crisp, ‘sNice, Red Bamboo, Vatan, and Blossom Du Jour.

Blossom Du Jour actually served as one of the top highlights from our restaurant-hopping thus far. Our anticipation for the restaurant had been building after multiple postponements of their début, and it was with pure luck that we noticed an announcement of their public opening just a few hours before it occurred. We were incredibly excited to be among the very first of the unwashed masses to experiment with their vegetarian fast-food, and we were even more delighted to discover that the food was among the best we’ve tasted in the city.

Another unanticipated highlight from our journey has been our growing awareness of the interesting links between religion and many of the city’s vegetarian restaurants, from Annam Brahma, to Loving Hut, to Bhojan and many others. There are still a number of restaurants founded in religion that we have yet to try, but we’ll be exploring the history and sociology behind these connections here at our blog once we’ve experienced them all.

Something that we have experienced in full: we’ve eaten at all the vegetarian venues of Manhattan’s Little India in Kips Bay! With one of the highest concentrations of vegetarian restaurants in the city, conquering Kips Bay was no simple feat, but now that we’ve checked them all off our list, we’ll be writing up a Vegiboys guide to the neighborhood (which you’ll be finding here in the coming weeks)!

So, with some solid content under our belts and a demonstrated dedication to fulfilling our mission, here’s what you can expect from the Vegiboys going forward:

– We’ll be getting an inside scoop for you on about 50 more of the city’s vegetarian eateries. Watch for continuing restaurant reviews on Mondays, most Tuesdays, and occasional Wednesdays (depending on how ambitious we’ve been in the preceding week).

– Spring is approaching us fast, and the city’s CSA programs, seasonal greenmarkets, and other vegi-oriented fun will be coming out of hibernation. On Thursdays, we’ll be starting to discuss some of the other vegetarian resources and events that NYC offers, taking a look at some of the city’s neighborhoods from a vegetarian point of view for our fellow urban explorers, and giving you the latest updates on any major happenings in the city’s food/sustainability world.

– Finally, we’ll be taking it easy on Fridays with fun photos from our table or our travels, periodic recipes for any readers with some kitchen ambition, and any other randomness we want to share with the world.

Always feel free to send us your thoughts, questions, and suggestions! Thanks for joining us on the journey so far, and keep visiting as we continue having fun and vegging it up in NYC.

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