Restaurant Review: Dao Palate

Dao Palate
329 Flatbush Avenue
(between Park Place and Prospect Place)
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Vegiboys Rating (2.5/4)

We entered Dao Palate knowing the restaurant’s owners were the same as Williamsburg’s Wild Ginger. The dining room had a very similar feel; the décor was modern and the space was calming with windows open to the streets of Flatbush Avenue. The restaurant was empty aside from us throughout the dinner service (only two other tables appeared throughout the extent of our meal).

What we did not expect was that Dao Palate is merely the Billyburg Wild Ginger by another name. The menu and the logo are exactly the same; only the restaurant’s name has been changed.

We were curious as to whether, despite the replicated offerings, a different kitchen would make for different food. It did not.

The miso soup was again nicely done; not too salty and with a lot of substance. An avocado, mango, and watercress tartare with a lime wasabi dressing gave no surprises; it was just the sum of its parts.

A smoked teriyaki seitan had a rubbery texture with a crisp outer coating. The seitan was a bit too hard to tear with chopsticks, rendering the use of forks necessary. A sizzling soy cutlet platter gave a lot of show with its sizzle, but had a monotone taste.

So the food was good, but predictable. The bill came to about $25 each (the same as the costs at Wild Ginger Williamsburg), leaving us to render the same verdicts in our ratings.

Where a franchise or restaurant chain has multiple locations with the same offerings, we’ve generally offered a single unified review. Dao Palate, despite the different name, should be considered a chain-like off-shoot of its Williamburg sister; if you’ve experienced one, you know what to expect from the other.

Food (2.5/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (3/4)

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