Restaurant Review: Bombay Fast Food

Bombay Fast Food
1013 6th Avenue
(between 37th Street and 38th Street)
Midtown, Manhattan

Vegiboys Rating (1.5/4)

Bombay is one counter in a four-counter mini-mall of Indian and fast-food lunch options near Herald Square. Though the other establishments are non-vegetarian, Bombay’s menu is composed of solely vegetarian options, qualifying it for a visit from the Vegiboys.

Bombay is open only for weekday lunches, and while the venue has seating, it’s more of a quick-eats or takeout sort of place; definitely not designed for a relaxing sit-down meal. Brian placed our order to go, and then paid a visit to my office for a lunch hour assessment of the food.

My lunch platter consisted of rice, bread, and two potato-based main selections; the food was OK, but nothing particularly impressive. A samosa on the side was equally unremarkable (though certainly edible). A kaju pista roll was included as a dessert, though it tasted only of sugar and lacked the expected nutty flavors.

We also tried a yogurt soup that was over-flavored with lime, rendering it inedible beyond the first few sips.

The best thing Bombay gave us was the traditional pickle; the flavor had been Westernized to palatability (relative to our other Indian pickle experiences). It had a sweet and sour flavor without the usual astringency.

Overall, Bombay was a take-it-or-leave-it experience for us. At $13 each for the meal, we didn’t find any strong value in what we received. Bombay might be a nice option for vegetarians working around Herald Square looking for a quick lunch, but plenty of better venues are available nearby for those with more time or flexibility.

Food (2/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (1.5/4)


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