Restaurant Review: Bread-A

41-46 College Point Boulevard
(between 41st Avenue and Sanford Avenue)
Flushing, Queens
718-886-1888 x14

Vegiboys Rating (2.5/4)

In its earlier life, Bread-A existed as a small bakery in an industrial area of Flushing with a few hot dog cart-style offerings. The restaurant has since morphed into a large full service restaurant that’s particularly notable for its all-you-can-eat weekend brunch buffet.

The interior is oddly arranged. The restaurant seems to have expanded into what once had been a residential apartment, so the dining room includes a full residential kitchen, and the flooring is mismatched as you move through the venue. The staff very well could have been a family drawn from that apartment; everyone is very friendly, though we witnessed some amusing infighting between staff as they debated amongst each other what dishes to recommend to us.

To help give Bread-A a true test of its culinary skills, we brought along my cousin (and avowed vegetable hater) Daniel to join us for this review. We arrived for the brunch, and after one look at the assortment of insanity on the buffet tables, Daniel ordered a fruit smoothie and vegetarian sushi as à la carte items from the non-buffet menu. The smoothie was very good, and the sushi also didn’t disappoint; some of the pieces included sweet elements like pineapples and raisins, but they worked well as ingredients.

Brian and I exercised more bravery and went for the buffet. Our table was kept well-stocked with water and free green tea, though the buffet also provided dispensers for fruit juices and iced teas (including a fun, sweet jasmine iced tea).

Choosing from the buffet was a roll of the dice; it was difficult to identify what most of the platters involved, and the staff had trouble in communicating the identity of dishes (beyond exhortations to definitely try anything we asked about).

We had delicious dumplings, and some of the seitan-based creations were also quite good. Similar to Daniel’s plate, the sushi in the buffet was unique and enjoyable. We found most of the stir-fry steam trays to be safe bets.

However, a seaweed-wrapped bread pudding was bizarre and inedible. Our servers tried to pass a bowl of mashed peas off as a must-have sweet dish, but we couldn’t get ourselves past more than one spoonful each.

Their in-house bakery produces desserts that are well worth trying: the vegan cupcakes were playfully decorated and tasted great.

Overall, at $18 each, we received a lot of food for our money and the good food was really good, though the shot-in-the-dark buffet made this more of an experiment than a brunch. The buffet might be fun for braver vegetarians looking to try something off the beaten path, but otherwise we might recommend sticking to well-known menu items or their bakery creations to assure for a good experience.

Food (3/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (2.5/4)

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