Restaurant Review: Dosa Hutt

Dosa Hutt
45-63 Bowne Street
(between Holly Avenue and 45th Avenue)
Flushing, Queens

Vegiboys Rating (2.5/4)

In the shadow of the impressively massive and very active Ganesha Hindu temple, Dosa Hutt provides quick and satsfying Indian fast food for Flushing’s Little India. The staff is polite and efficient despite their generally pushy clientele, and the restaurant is consistently busy (becoming especially packed when a temple ceremony lets out).

You order at the counter, and then make yourself a place within the dining room. The constant flow of diner traffic leaves the tables a bit worse for wear, and you may need to bus or wipe down your own table before laying claim to an eating space. Unlimited self-serve water is available throughout the meal and while you wait, and the kitchen calls you back to the counter when your food is ready.

We chose from a selection of the usual suspects (leaning heavily towards their eponymous dosas: the long, crisp stuffed crêpes of Indian cuisine). A spicy dosa of potato, corn and peppers; a milder dosa with tomato and onions; and a third dosa with spinach and cheese were all served on Styrofoam plates of greasy goodness. Utthapam and donut-like vadas helped to round out the meal a bit (as expected, these too were greasy, but enjoyable). A mango lassi and a gingerale helped to keep the meal moving, along with copious quantities of tap water from the self-serve pitchers.

Though greasy, busy, and just a touch towards dirty, we would go back – the food was good and the environment was fun. Unlike the Kips Bay scene, which at least partially appeals to the Manhattan tourist crowd, Dosa Hutt’s off-the-beaten path neighborhood and its proximity to the temple gave the experience a bit more cultural authenticity. At $11.50 each, the meal was a good value too – well worth the trip out to Flushing for a fun vegetarian culinary experience.

Food (2.5/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (3/4)

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