Restaurant Review: Four Seasons

Four Seasons
2281 Church Avenue
(between Flatbush Avenue and Bedford Avenue)
Flatbush, Brooklyn

Vegiboys Rating (3/4)

Four Seasons is very much designed as a neighborhood haunt; its location is off the beaten path for anyone travelling from outside of Flatbush, and the cool atmosphere seems designed for hanging out. The venue is Rastifarian at its core, with a retail store at the front, and the restaurant towards the back of the space. Plenty of tables are available for those looking to eat in, though we placed our order for take-out.

We received a ton of food from the friendly server that made for much more than a single meal. While the menu wasn’t particularly surprising (we tried lentils, kale, steamed veggies, okra, a faux-beef dish, and other usual items found in an ‘ital steam tray), the food was noticeably better than the average NYC vegi-Caribbean kitchen. Less grease and more flavor seemed to be the case for each element of our selections.

We were also impressed with their baked goods. A coconut roll we tried for dessert was moist and delicious, with none of the severe density we’ve found in most ‘ital breads and sweets. Overall, the meal was filling, but not heavy, distinguishing the restaurant from most other Caribbean kitchens.

At a mere $7 each, the price was yet another pleasant surprise, making Brooklyn’s Four Seasons among the best values we’ve found for any NYC vegi-restaurant. While its location might put it out of range for most New Yorkers (and most tourists), the restaurant is well worth a visit for anyone that find themselves in the neighborhood.

Food (3/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (3/4)

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