Restaurant Review: Raw Star Café

Raw Star Café
687 Washington Avenue
(between Saint Mark’s Avenue and Prospect Avenue)
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Vegiboys Rating (3.5/4)

Brooklyn’s Raw Star Café, located only a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkways, deserves the awareness of the NYC vegi-loving crowd. Raw vegetarian cuisine tends to be offered only at a premium cost in the city’s restaurants, but Raw Star is a diamond in the rough world of raw food, offering an amazing experience at a great value.

Raw Star’s interior is fun with an eclectic mix of garden furniture, café-style lounging chairs and couches, and African-inspired décor, with a soundtrack that fits well with the interior design.

The staff are very friendly and helpful, which proved important traits in helping us to navigate their menu. The menu is a laundry list of possibilities, but only a selected few of the dishes are actually available during any particular sitting.

Working with our server, we got a handle on the kitchen’s offerings for the day, and prepared for an exciting meal. Our delightful ginger lemonade drinks started things off well, but the meal that followed did not disappoint.

From a spinach salad with papaya, beautifully dressed dried kale, a delicious nutmeat appetizer with faux-cheese, nutmeat patties with incredible depth of flavor and texture, and perfectly cooked plantains, the meal was an outstanding raw experience overall.

We unfortunately did not enjoy the strawberry cheesecake. The presentation was nice, but the taste was off; there wasn’t nearly enough sweetness, and the flavors lacked much depth.

Overall though, Raw Star really stood out for us in its warm atmosphere, the quality of its food, and its value (at only $18 each, this is by far the most reasonably priced raw vegi-restaurant option in NYC). The menu can be a shot in the dark (so temper any excitement when you first receive the huge booklet of their kitchen’s full potential), but for a cheap and delicious raw experience, Raw Star can’t be beat.

Food (3.5/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (3.5/4)

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