Restaurant Review: Strictly Vegetarian

Strictly Vegetarian
2268 Church Avenue
(between Bedford Avenue and Flatbush Avenue)
Flatbush, Brooklyn

Vegiboys Rating (2.5/4)

Settled deep in the heart of Flatbush, visiting Strictly Vegetarian is a hike for anyone outside of the neighborhood, and it also sits directly across from the Four Seasons vegetarian restaurant, both offering a very similar Caribbean ‘ital menu.

Strictly Vegetarian’s venue is smaller than Four Seasons, but also brighter, with the full front windows housing the counter seating (the only seating available). The super-friendly owner was excited to have us stopping in, and he gave us a full walk-through of the day’s options on the steam tray.

The food on the steam tray is pretty typical Rastifarian fare, and all had a good taste. We were dished large portions of all the items we selected (leaving us with enough leftovers for a snack the next day).

We also tried a fruit carrot cake from their bakery display; the flavor of rum and currants were discernible, but overall the cake was dry and bland. We’d recommend sticking with the steam tray’s meal items.

To drink, Brian had a ginger beer that was strong and fun. My banana soda was sickeningly sweet.

At $10.50 each, Strictly Vegetarian was a good value for the meal we received, and the atmosphere is very comfortable for hanging out. That said, the restaurant is unfortunately situated directly across from their competitor, and Four Seasons has the better food for an even lower price.

Food (2.5/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (2.5/4)

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