Restaurant Review: Blossom

187 9th Avenue
(between 21st Street and 22nd Street)
Chelsea, Manhattan

Vegiboys Rating (3.5/4)

The Blossom group runs some of the city’s best vegetarian restaurants. From V-Note to Blossom Du Jour, their venues provide consistently excellent food, and they have a skill for creating comfortable spaces with strong customer service.

Thus, for the Vegiboys’ final meal in our quest to eat our way through all of the NYC’s vegetarian restaurants, we visited the flagship Blossom on 9th Avenue in Chelsea. The oldest and most traditional of the Blossom kitchens, the restaurant is still going strong, and we’ve never seen a dinner service without a full house.

Joined by urban expert and Vegiboys regular Bess Matassa (who coincidentally also participated in our first Vegiboys meal at Annam Brahma), we settled into a corner table with a confidence that we would enjoy the meal.

The flagship Blossom’s interior is dimly lit, with décor that might best be described as rustic elegance. It has a broad appeal that makes it appropriate for any number of scenarios, whether a date, a business dinner, or a place to bring the family when they visit town.

To drink, Brian and I had their delicious sangria special, while Bess tried a bilberry juice (a purple juice with a strong, blueberry-like flavor).

Among our appetizers, we had seitan-stuffed empanadas placed around a pile guacamole made with hearts of palm, a great start to the meal.

For our dinners, Brian chose a seitan scallopini; a thinly sliced and fried faux-veal over mashed potatoes and kale with a lemon caper sauce. Bess had hickory-basted tempeh with a horseradish creme fraiche served with roasted potatoes and collard greens. My dish was one of the night’s specials: a rib-eye “steak” with a mushroom-stem bone that gave considerable flavor to the meat and the gravy.

To end the meal, we shared desserts of chocolate ganache with ice cream and a lavendar crème brûlée.

All of the food at Blossom is simply delicious. It plays on the comfort food found in omnivorian restaurants, using a wide-ranging repertoire of ingredients and techniques to recreate traditional dishes, but always with just enough of a creative twist to render every dish memorable and unique.

At $60 each, Blossom can be a higher-priced meal than you might find elsewhere, but few NYC vegetarian kitchens can offer such total certainty that you’ll enjoy the food you receive.

Food (3.5/4)

Atmosphere & Service

Value (3/4)

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