Trend Alert | Vegetarians Including More Meat in Their Diets

Brian hits the street with the Vegiboys' new lamb provisions.

Vegetarianism is not just a healthy way to live, but also an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Yet despite these benefits, many vegetarians are being drawn towards a new trend that has them including more meat in their already varied diets.

“It just makes sense,” says 37 year old slash-fiction writer Stephanie. “I want to respect all living things, both plants and animals, so as a vegetarian it seems wrong to only eat the plants.”

28 year old shoe designer Kyle agrees, “I’ve been a vegetarian now for almost 4 years, and throughout that entire time I’ve made certain to include meat in every meal.”

So how can urban vegetarians join this growing movement?

31 year old children’s yoga instructor Kathy lives in an Upper East Side studio and loves the city life. Being “an environmentally-aware vegetarian,” she strives to buy the majority of her food from local sources. “I even grow my own herbs and tomatoes in a window box,” she says.

“Since I’ve made the responsible choice to now include meat in my diet, I think it’s only right that I should raise my own cow.”

Kathy reports that in addition to the logistical challenges of cattle ownership (getting them up the 3 flights of stairs to her apartment is no easy task) there are also cost concerns. “Just last week I spent over $150 on cow corn! I guess it’s just one of the many unforeseen costs of being a well rounded vegetarian.”

Kathy says she plans to make her cow last by only eating a little of it every day.

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