Veggie of the Week: Fiddleheads!

In-Season (for NYC): Early Spring (April – May)

Where found: Cool shaded areas across the northeast and northwest United States.

About: These tasty, alien-like delicacies are a totally cool, but they’re a short-lived treat! They’re found in farmers’ markets for only a few weeks in the early spring.  Fiddleheads are an edible part of the wild fern family; their spirals are the new fern leafs preparing to unravel.

Try  ’em: Fiddleheads can be treated like asparagus: boil, stir-fry, roast with garlic, or even eat raw! Their unique shape makes them perfect as a decorative side dish, or even as an impressive main course.

Need some more inspiration? Check out this photo of our vegetarian ceviche, featuring fiddleheads!

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