Veggie of the Week – Kale

In Season (in NYC): Spring (March) – Early Winter (December)

Found: A global croup, Kale in its many verities can be found across North America, Europe, and Asia.  It loves the sun but not the heat making it an ideal croup for cooler claimants.

About: Kale is the spring green that just won’t quite.  It begins to make its appearance in the farmers markets in early spring and is often the last green to leave.  Prized for its high nutritional content, kale dates back to the middle ages in Europe, often being one of the few croups consumed in lean the winter months.

The world wide web is ripe with tips and tricks for making crazy kale kick-ass.  Everything from stayed, stuffed, wrapped and raw.  Personally I find the most simple and amazing way to enjoy this sometimes stigmatized healthy green is to toss the deveined leaves with some olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast um on low heat for about 15mins.  They’re crunchy and crisp a sure fire favorite!

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