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Pasta party rolls on!

New from the apt test and taste kitchen, sweet potato ravioli! Many thanks to Bess and Edward for the gift of a ravioli press. It was the first time using this fun-tensil and the results were pretty solid. The filling was easy enough, one mashed sweet potato seasoned with a bit of salt n pepper. […]
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Hey, loyal readers! The Vegiboys are taking an extended break from this site for other pursuits, so you may not find any new posts or updates here for a while. You can still peruse the blog archives for our past recipes, restaurant reviews, and other vegetarian fun – we’ll continue to leave the website up […]
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Veggie of the Week – Kale

In Season (in NYC): Spring (March) – Early Winter (December) Found: A global croup, Kale in its many verities can be found across North America, Europe, and Asia.  It loves the sun but not the heat making it an ideal croup for cooler claimants. About: Kale is the spring green that just won’t quite.  It […]
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Recipe: Turkish Tacos

Well, these tacos are not specifically “Turkish,” but we’re taking creative licence for some alliteration. This recipe will give you more of a generally Middle Eastern-themed taco, which (like all tacos) can use as many (or as few) fillers as you’d like. Whether you choose to simplify with fewer ingredients, or go full-gusto with the recipe below, […]
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Tuesday Photo Fun: Sweet Noodle Lunch

Our lunch of tempeh in a sweet peanut sauce with glass noodles.
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Veggie of the Week: Fiddleheads!

In-Season (for NYC): Early Spring (April – May) Where found: Cool shaded areas across the northeast and northwest United States. About: These tasty, alien-like delicacies are a totally cool, but they’re a short-lived treat! They’re found in farmers’ markets for only a few weeks in the early spring.  Fiddleheads are an edible part of the wild […]
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Trend Alert | Vegetarians Including More Meat in Their Diets

Vegetarianism is not just a healthy way to live, but also an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Yet despite these benefits, many vegetarians are being drawn towards a new trend that has them including more meat in their already varied diets. “It just makes sense,” says 37 year old slash-fiction writer Stephanie. “I want to respect all […]
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A Vegetarian Exploration of Manhattan’s Chinatown

As one of the largest enclaves of Chinese residents in the western hemisphere, Manhattan’s Chinatown serves as an amazingly diverse center for Asian culture in NYC. Chinese Buddhism has one of the earliest claims to vegetarian cuisine in human culture (dating to before the turn of the millennium), so not surprisingly, Chinatown also contains an […]
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Tuesday Photo Fun: Disco Cupcake

A homemade disco ball cupcake using fondant for the mirrors.
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Restaurant Review: Veggie Castle II

Veggie Castle II 132-09 Liberty Avenue (between 132nd Street and 133rd Street) Richmond Hills, Queens 718-641-8343 Vegiboys Rating (3/4) With the demise of Brooklyn’s Veggie Castle I, the only remaining outpost for this vegan Caribbean take-out chain requires a visit to Richmond Hill, Queens. Though off the beaten path, the experience is well worth the […]
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