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Hey, loyal readers! The Vegiboys are taking an extended break from this site for other pursuits, so you may not find any new posts or updates here for a while. You can still peruse the blog archives for our past recipes, restaurant reviews, and other vegetarian fun – we’ll continue to leave the website up […]
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Trend Alert | Vegetarians Including More Meat in Their Diets

Vegetarianism is not just a healthy way to live, but also an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Yet despite these benefits, many vegetarians are being drawn towards a new trend that has them including more meat in their already varied diets. “It just makes sense,” says 37 year old slash-fiction writer Stephanie. “I want to respect all […]
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Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a bountiful 2012, from the Vegiboys! Here’s what was on our respective families’ tables for this holiday season (in case you were wondering what vegetarians eat when they’re in homes full of omnivores): Morningstar buffalo wings, Pillsbury crescent roll, roasted brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, corn, Swiss cheese atop a tamale, and cranberry […]
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A Last Call at Counter

Less a restaurant review than an early eulogy, we were sad to discover that vegetarian restaurant Counter will be closing this weekend. They had originally announced a closing back in March, but had postponed it often enough that we held out hopes that they were sticking around for the long term. Alas, it was not […]
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Groupon Alert! It’s good inexpensive eats getting even gooder.
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Ready for More?

At the end of last summer, we set out to eat at every vegetarian restaurant in New York City within one year. We’re about halfway through that grand marathon of urban vegi-dining, and the self-imposed challenge hasn’t defeated us yet! As we hit the crest of our adventure and embark upon a downhill ride to […]
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Happy Holidays from the Vegiboys!

Mushroom Baklava: Portobello and shitake mushroom filling between layers of phyllo dough. Infused with rosemary and drizzled in a balsamic reduction.
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Vegi-Alert: Groupon for Maoz Vegetarian

Hey all NYC vegans,├é┬ávegetarians, and veggie lovers, Today’s NYC Groupon is for the quick-eats falafel chain, Maoz Vegetarian. Good for 50% off a $6 purchase, you can use the coupon anytime until May 12th. Check out the Groupon website for more details. You have until midnight tonight to purchase, so get in on the deal […]
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Stylish Suggestions

So we’ve posted our first three restaurant reviews for Vegiboys, each with its own voice and style, and as we continue developing the site, we’d love to know what sort of reviews you’d like to see going forward. Stay descriptive but restaurant-focused like the Annam Brahma review? Go with a more story-style Sacred Chow review? […]
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